How to store languages in your translator app?

I wanted to know how to put different languages in your app so you can pick which language you want

I want it to set where it has more than one

@han_jinsung I don’t fully get you here - can you change the setting in the designer to the language you want?

Or do you want to add some UI components to your app that will give your end users the ability to change the language, in which case you’ll need to use the blocks.


Hey @domhnallohanlon
Yeah i want to add some Ui components so whoever is using it can change it without going in and it only translats in one language

@han_jinsung the easiest way then is just to have list viewer with your supported languages.

When the user selects their language then that can be used in the blocks as either the source language or the target language.

but is there a block or blocks that help

you can use strings for these values too, so this block:

Is the same as this block:

i don’t think you get what i am saying like this

You’re going to need a list like this:

Azerbaijani, Malayalam, Albanian, Maltese, Amharic, Macedonian, English, Maori, Arabic, Marathi, Armenian, Mari, Afrikaans, Mongolian, Basque, German, Bashkir, Nepalese, Belarusian, Norwegian, Bengal, Punjabi, Burmese, Papiamento, Bulgarian, Persian, Bosnian, Polish, Welsh, Portuguese, Hungarian, Romanian, Vietnamese, Russian, Haitian (Creole), Cebuano, Galician, Serbian, Dutch, Sinhalese, Hill Mari, Slovak, Greek, Slovenian, Georgian, Swahili, Gujarati, Sundanese, Danish, Tajik, Hebrew, Thai, Yiddish, Tagalog, Indonesian, Tamil, Irish, Tartar, Italian, Telugu, Icelandic, Turkish, Spanish, Udmurt, Kazakh, Uzbek, Kannada, Ukrainian, Catalan, Urdu, Kirghiz, Finnish, Chinese, French, Korean, Hindi, Xhosa, Croatian, Khmer, Czech, Laotian, Swedish, Latin, Scottish, Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Esperanto, Luxembourg, Javanese, Malagasy, Japanese, Mala,

does thunkable support phillipne dialect sir? im planning to do translator app for philippine dialect

Hi! Where did you find the “from list viewer 1 set text items” block? I am unable to find it.

@dhsschoolprojectsd here it is: