Translator and flashcard all together? I need some help

Hello Thunkers. I am using the interface, D&D I am trying to combine two example applications, the translation one and the Flashcards one, to ensure that the vocabulary with the photos that I want to teach can be learned using any language as source and or destination. They work perfectly for me separately: the translation using the input text is translated to the target language, and the flashcard also works well between English and Spanish, because they are the languages ​​expressly defined in the blocks. But I can’t find a way that when choosing other source and/or destination languages, they read the corresponding vocabulary from the columns in airtable as my datasource in the language that has been assigned with the translation part. Could you help me with this? I’m not even sure if it can be done with D&D, or if it is more convenient to do it with the STP interface.
You can find this proyec Here:
Thank you.

Have you tried using these blocks?

Hi, Emlee703
Yes, I have tried those blocks, even creating app variables, but the way I did, didn’t work. I don’t know how to be able to use them and at the same time be able to change languages … Thank you

Ok. Try duplicating the app, and just have one app a different app then the other.

What does your Airtable data look like? Are your columns formatted as text?

What happens if you simply replace the get value blocks with “en” and “es” as a test? Does that work? If so, then the problem is with getting data from Airtable.

HI, Tatiang. Yes, my columns in Airtable are “single line texts” and if I use the get value blocks with “en” or “es” they work. The problen is how to get the Data from Airtable with the blocks that we have, and I have been trying this a long time, but I don´t really know if the D&D “speech” can do it the way I want, or if I have to find a workaround I´m not sure I will.