[Solved] Working with many kids on only 1 PRO account

I am having a workshop with over 15 kids and I am intending to use 1 PRO account for all the kids.
I have this intention because not all the kids are having an email and I want to have all their works in one place.
My question is how to let each kid to test a specific app? As 1 kid tries Live test the platform will show 1 app to all the users that are logged into 1 account, right?
Also I see that the 4 letter code is no more a feature.

Any idea? Advise?
Thank you.

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Hi @io.nut.ilie, I haven’t tried anything like this, but I don’t imagine it will work.

I was always surprised how many students actually did have emails. For those that don’t, what I used to do in situations like this is set up “workshop” accounts, like workshop1@gmail.com etc. and have the usernames and passwords printed or written out on index cards. There are lots of ways you can manage this. Happy to share more ideas if you want?


Thank you.
I will create an account for each kid.