[Solved] Why won’t my loop evaluate this logic?

Hi guys,
I’ve searched for this behavior, but can’t find anything about it specifically.

Since there’s not a way to delete properties in a nested object. I’m trying to reset the property (which is itself an object) and then rebuild the object without that specific nested object in it. I’ve tried the blocks a few different ways, but I can’t get Thunkable to evaluate the nested property (the circled blocks).

As you can see above it I tried building a list of that property and show it in a test label below. The list does not show the changed property “delete”, however, if I view the JSON of the full object (where the arrow is) I can see the property with an object of {“for”:“delete”}.

Since I can’t get Thunkable to evaluate that property I can’t delete it out of the object and re-upload it to firebase.

Any work arounds?

Hey @athornock, good question!

Try using the text blocks for the logic

If Does text (object) contain text “false” Then continue with next iteration of loop Else //don’t change your code here

Stellar thought. It’s not working either though:

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first potential issue.
this code returns whatever is within that object. probably some text

but this code returns either ‘true’ or ‘false’

i wonder if this returns a list

what i meant was something more like this
Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 6.15.50 PM

That method crashes the app altogether:

have you tried setting that (get property “for”…) to a temporary app var first then plug THAT in place - in both the insert last, and in the following IF statement?


That was a good idea. That seems to have worked:


So with var app list, in your loop, you want a list of true or false, correct?

I’m glad your code is working now!

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Yes, basically.
Thanks for all your help!

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