Cant get data from Cloud child

I have this firebase data.
I like to get the Ole 1: and 2: data of out.

I use the Cloud variable like this

What is wrong in this syntax???

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Wow is it that easy. It works fine Tahnks for quick answer. :slight_smile:

You could do something like this

Thunkable expected firebase lists to start with a 0 index. It looks like your lists start with 1. If the list index does not start with zero, Thunkable will crash. This is a REALLY crummy thing about Thunkable lists. Thunkable decided to use lists starting with 1. BUT thunkable is a graphic wrapper around Javascript, for which lists start with 0. So when comparing Firebase lists (zero based) with Thunkable Lists (base 1) you need to adjust. It is a awful pain, but it can be done.

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tanks for info

thanks alot.
I just ran in a nother problem.
How do I delete the Peter child in the cloud list?
this wont work what do I do wrong please???

Ole and Peter are not elements of a list, they are properties of an object. To delete Peter: