Used List with FireBase


is it possible work with list in Thurkable X using Firebase?




And what can i do for use it. I want make a little database. Same textInput for putting information. Make a list with all TextInput and put this object in another list. When i go to save… blank page and firebase don’t change. Why?

Hi any solution to this? facing the same problem. Cant update a new list to Firebase using thunkable x.


First you need to configure access Firebase recording. Then you can use the global variable “cloud” and listening unit for it to track data changes. After that learn how to record the data in a simple type to firebase. If it works, then can go to work with list.


if you can advice. I want to do track music and source in firebase and i need the music track continuously play each of lists.

my block below does not worked for multiple lists.

Hi @ozel1978,

I would create a recursive function (a function that runs in a loop)

Create a function named _PlayMusic
inside the function,

from sound1 set source to (
       in list app sound get # 1

in sound1 call play;

when Play is done (
       from sound1 set source to (
               in list app sound get # 2)
in sound 1 call play;

when Play is done (
        call _PlayMusic


when Button1 Click(
        call _PlayMusic);

i am not sure if i understand this because i never use looping before. let me try first.


still not working if below block deployed. maybe something missing. pls advice