Firebase and Thunkable X

Hi guys n girls.
I’m having trouble with the new thunkable x and firebase
I am trying to get users details into a list format to show them under
then user id
then user name etc
so far in firebase is shows like this

and on my blocks it shows

any ideas where i am going wrong to update their data?


If the data is not updated, this indicates an incorrect data format. In Firebase, you need to write objects, and you are trying to write a simple data type.

The data is getting updated but it’s in one string line instead of different (categories) or child data.
All under users
User I’d

To have different categories you need to use the JSON format or an object. In the text line, as you understand, there are no parents and children.

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Look at the bottom image on the documentation page.

Thanks but its still not what im after.
Ive used the example and if another user signs in, then the data is overwritten.
Im trying to get users as the main (key) then put their uid, then their name etc, but say the second users comes in to update their account, it overwrites the first users information.
I guess i need more create objects within an object?

Inside the object you can create objects or arrays of objects. It all depends on the task.

So sorry i really do not have an idea on what that would be.
i have many items / listings and need to put them in a list like your demo you done. But it just doesnt work as it should or as I would like it too.

as you can see the list is showing the first description one word after the next in the list.