[Solved] Why is my row ID blank?

Why is my “list of values in” sheet not bringing back row id? Windows 10, x.thunkable.com, set my sheet up with a form and did data entry by form. The Update doesn’t work because the row id is blank and Create doesn’t work either. Do I have my sheet set up wrong perhaps? IDK.

Just to double-check, you don’t have a column named “ID” do you? The “ID” column is a hidden auto-populated column in Thunkable so there is no need to create one. Is this a local data source (rather than Airtable or Google Sheets)?

If you’re not seeing IDs, you may need to create a new data source as it’s possible that one is corrupted.

No column named ID. This is a Google sheet. I am probably setting them up wrong. I have tried new sheet twice with same result.

I had my sheet set to private. I think that was the problem. Thanks for your help.


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