[Solved] What does 'remix' actually means?

I am trying to re-use the Sing-In screen provided as an example in the homepage.
I thought “remix” meant something like -take the components you like from this app and use in your own app- however I don’t think this is how it works, right?
When I click on remix it just makes a copy of the app for edition, but I cannot take the elements into my existing app.
Is there another way to easily achieve this?

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Hi @jbonet0073,

Is this relating to the Cross Platform Thunkable or Thunkable for Android.

I don’t believe there is a remix function for Thunkable Classic.

Sorry about that, I changed the category. It is x-platform:

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No worries, just had to clarify :slight_smile:

Remixing an app will essentially clone/copy it to your own account, and it will show up as a brand new project. If you want to incorporate it into one of your own apps, you can save each screen to My Screens.

The documentation linked above should be enough information on how to do this, but in short, you want to open up the sign in template you picked, add the screens you want to your My Screens, then hop on over to the project you want to add them to, click the + at the top of Design View (the normal button to add new screens) and you will have the option to add a saved screen.

Hopefully this helps, and if not be sure to come back.


That is great! You just saved me a lot of hours! :grinning: