[Solved] What are the differences between Drag and drop VS "usual" interface?

HI! Just landed to fantastic Thunkable and have built my translator app in the drag’n’drop interface. I compared Components in two cases: with DnD and without, and found huge difference.

In DnD I saw misssing: Video Recoreder, Assistant, Maps, all the sensors and much more.
Also, some interface details are missing like help or community.

It looks like DnD is very-very limited and I failed to find and docs on that. Can I find more info on what is limited and which is to choose?

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Have you taken the effort to read about the D&D before posting.

Yes, it misses some components but most of not all that you mentioned is available but in different parts of the development platform such as all what was categorised as invisible components in the legacy UI was moved to the blocks screen.

Please read the documentation of the D&D to know more how to find your way around it.

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Hi @artem.dzyuba,

We updated the DnD docs over the past 3 months and posted about it here:

There is also a link to the DnD docs at the top of every page in the docs themselves

There’s also an overview of the new UI editor here:


Thank you @domhnallohanlon! Walked through the announcements and clarified things for me. I’m impressed by the app and by the community,

@muneer Yes I have taken the efforts. No, I couldn’t find the Drag and Drop Docs because it’s highly unexpected for a beginner to look for them here:

I’m new to the app and don’t know that the Legacy UI is called “Snap to Place” and hides “Drag and Drop” in itself. Probably it would be better to outline somehow.


Hi Artem,

You should also see the Drag and Drop docs link in the top banner of the docs themselves:

I will update my original announcement to reflect this as well. Thanks for catching this!


Thank you, @jane! For some reason,havn’t looked at the top for I used to look to the left part of the docs.

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I’m glad you can see the banner now. :slightly_smiling_face: And of course you are welcome to ask more questions here in the Community if the docs don’t have the info you want!