[Solved] Uploading project with Push Notifications to the App Store

Hope someone have a good ideer to what is wrong.

Reference ID: c11def82-a20a-41b7-8797-396f9176595d

I’m not seeing anything obviously wrong in the logs @funhall, and I can see that this is the first time the build has failed too.

Can you try building again and let me know if you run into the same issue the second time around?




Followed up via email , seems like rebuilding the project was successful

Hi Domhnall

I actually did try twice.
You want me to try the third time?

Hey @funhall,

One additional thing we spotted was that you seem to be using push notifications in an app that you are publishing for the first time?

Apparently, you can’t add push notifications until your app has already been sent to App Store Connect (i.e they need to be added in as an update)

To publish an app to the App Store that contains Push Notifications, you need to:

  • send an app that does not contain Push Notifications to App Store Connect
  • add push notifications to your app project (see instructions here)
  • send the new version of your app to App Store Connect

You can see more here:


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Aarrhhhh okay.
I will try without Push. Thanks a lot…

No problem @funhall,

Let us know how you get on!

Thanks I have got it in test flight now. Thanks

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