[Solved] Update localdb from web API data when screen opens

is it possible to do this.

i have an array like this


and I want it when the screen opens, then update cells for each array of web api. like this.

I want my application to run offline without an internet connection. By first saving the object in localdb. How can I achieve this workflow. Thanks

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Does this help you?


I do not really understand it, what you need of LocalDB, if you already have a data set? What of upload LocalDB, if you open the screen, these data already exist in a variable?

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I want to make an offline listview. therefore I save all objects in localdb. I have not tried it, but thank you @kartik14 . because thunkable listview cannot be custom and appears only list without image. I tried other ways. Do you have any advice? @actech

You do not need to use LocalDB to add data to ListViewer. All data record in the List, and then copy them to the List Viewer.

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I’m trying your way @actech

Can this be used to api call so that my list becomes dynamic?

Yes. You need to instead of my data in the variable List insert your data, obtained from the API in JSON format.

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thanks @actech I will try your way

@actech how to create variable “start”

I did not find you using initialize “start”


These blocks are created from the function block parameters



thanks @actech