(Solved) Total number of rows in the airtable

How to get total number of rows in the airtable?

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Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 3.57.47 PM


Thank you!

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I couldnt get to work this code. variable is blank.

Sorry you’re having a hard time with this @jeyseny, a few things to think about here.

does the column name as you have it typed here, match EXACTLY what is in airtable

Why limit this to 100 rows, if you have that many or more, it will always return only 100. I would suggest 10000 or something like that unless you need to limit it to the first 100 rows

have you double checked your airtable URL and API key settings?

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Yes, I have the exact column name. I am connected to airtable, because I am retrieving other data from the table.

Not sure how the length works. because getcolumn will return the list.

Does the error block return anything if you set a label’s text to error?


Vital! I admittedly skip this step as regular practice but it’s important and helpful!



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What I do is. I get a list viewer and a label
From airtable block I get the column which will always be filled or you can make a new column and set text field to “auto number” and then set this column block from airtable block to list viewer then you set block. Set label to get length of list viewer get items

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I have an Airtable where different columns have different lengths.

When I count rows of column 7AM using the LENGTH function, it shows me TOTAL number of rows (8) instead of 3.
Whats the way around this problem?


You have to count “non-empty” cells if you want to count the names. In the airtable, as long as there is a data in any column it will count as a “record” which is read across. Hence all your columns have 8 records.