(SOLVED) The YT video on "Build a Survey App / Connect to an Airtable" is outdated, Where can I find the new video or docs for it?

Hi team, So I am following the video series on making different types of App, and when I reach this one: Build a Survey App with Thunkable - Connect to an Airtable Database - YouTube

I think that video is outdated, as many options like spreadsheet, column, rows are not in my dashboard (have pro a/c)

I understand that I can go to Data > Add data Source, and have even attached Airtable API and can see created Air table in “Data_Viewer” list & grid. But how can I use the block system taught in the tutorial video?

My main goal is not bu built a survey form, but to create a Form screen where users can come and fill the form, get stored in Airtable DB and then get shown in another screen as an entry.

Jatin Chhabra

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Are you using Drag And Drop or the Snap To Place UI?
The tutorial is not outdated it’s from the Snap To Place UI.


You are using the DnD (Drag & Drop) UI while the tutorial is based in the StP (Snap to Place) UI.

When you start the project, leave the checkbox “Try it” empty so you can use the StP UI and can follow the tutorial.


Thanks man, was on DND from starting, didn’t check the Snap To Place UI.
Its visible now.

Thanks Muneer, have moved to STP, and all options are visible.

Just following up on my message in the chat from earlier here too @jatinchhabra - I would recommend that you stick with DnD - all the blocks you need are there, but you will have to connect to your Airtable via the Data Source tab!

Thanks Domhnall, I am not sure I would Airtable would be useful for our App, though was just trying it as per the YT tutorials.

Plus, have asked one question in chat, would be great if you could check and revert that.

Jatin Chhabra

You should be able to do most things - especially for an MVP or v1 - in Airtable

Will take a look at get back to you.


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