I wish documentation was more detailed and up to date

I really miss proper documentation. And I mean for every possible block. Not just for “topics” like Airtable. But for every possible block that can interact with Airtable directly. Documentation for Thunkable is often outdated and the blocks have changed since.

This image from the Airtable Doc:

This isn’t what create Row looks like right now. I do believe documentation should be up to date. Now I am not new to programming but I am new to both Thunkable and Airtable and there’s a lot to figure out for me here. Documentation here often just adds to the confusion. I am not talking about tutorials but straight-up docs. I absolutely prefer reading over videos. 100%. I learn a lot better from text. But I often find the docs to not really be helpful.

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Hi @julesr :wave:

The createRow block still looks like this for me:

Screenshot 2021-08-17 at 10.24.02

Are you working with the Data Sources blocks in DnD?

The createRow block looks like this if you add Airtable as a Data Source:

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There are two way to connect with Airtable

Using the Airtable block which you can find in the StP (Snap to Place) UI
Using Data Source option available in both StP and DnD UI

Each of the connection methods has its own blocks.