[Solved] Submitting another build when app is ready to submit for review

I have my app ready for submit for review for the first time.
But suddenly, I got to update my app - my app version1.0 is ready for submission -

So, how should I upload another build/app & make this v2.0 before submit for review?

Any help would be very appreciated, itโ€™s kind of very very urgent case :confused:
Thanks a lot! :blush:

Just update the app, upload the new one it will replace it I think and submit the v2

Hi, @danyklein! :wave:
Thanks for your reply :smile:

I think this is not how App Store works :confused:
I think that I have to create new certificate, profile & identifier :thinking:
(wonโ€™t do this until some official support comes)

Thank you so much! :blush:

Normally not if your app is on connect ? but Iโ€™m not sure but we will see what the stuff tell us :slight_smile:

Just to confirm this, if you submit your app again (and increment the version number!) then it will update your app in the App Store,

Best of luck with it!

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@domhnallohanlon Solved my problem :white_check_mark: (In my PMs :smile: )

Thanks a lot @danyklein & @domhnallohanlon for spending time on my topic :blush:

Thank you very much! :blush:


SO tell us more for the next thinkers who will look up for this :slight_smile:

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Hi, @danyklein! :wave:

I was also thinking about this, in the upcoming week, I am going to make a #thunkable-cross-tutorials on it :smile: :+1:

Thanks! :blush:

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