Can not send a new build to my App already in Applw Store Connect

I have problem with the submission of my new App to Appel Store Connect

  1. the version of my App waiting for review is still the version 1
    If I look the version of my App in Thunkable is the version 5 (don’t ask me why 5 ! probably due to the interaction between Thunkable and Apple , and to much trial from my part ) .
    I have create a new certificat ( MayBe try too many time) because I have now the appel message " maximum number of certificate generated " But this is not for now a problem .
    I can not update my version of App to be pass to Apple Store Connect for review
    Seams that I can not send the new build to Appel Store Connect .
    I have try a lot of think but probably not the Right one of in the goed sequence .
    I want to start from scrash but it 's not possible to delete the apps that are already in Apple store Connect

Can some one help me ?

I have already a old version of this file in Apple Store Connect waiting for review and rejected because of missing the privaty statements .
I have add the information on the new App version .
Shall I keep the version 1 Or change to version 2 before submitting ?

I have already this App in Appel Store Connect

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You cannot use version 1 again. It has to be higher version. You can use 2 or 3 or whatever that is larger than your last submitted version.

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Muneer , thank for your answer , I was thinking that , but it was only to be sure .

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I receive from thunkable :

My App Vers 1.0 is still on Apple Store Connect

I don’t know what to do !!!
The unresolved issue is the issues are the lack of information about the privacy statements , these info’s have been add into the following version 2.0

From Appel Store Connect
Create a new version
You must specify the new version

How can I increment the version from my App in Appel Store Connect

Is it normal that normal that the item send for submission has no version ?

I’m going to try to do my best to help.
When in Thunkable, use the “Version Number” and make it higher than the previous app version in review. You can even set it to 5 if you want to be safe. Thunkable does it for you each time you make changes and try to publish if you have “Auto Increment Version” turned on in the app settings.

Also, I uploaded multiple versions of my own app to Apple without using a different certificate. The same certificate has worked for me to upload the app with multiple versions.

If you are not going to publish the “Version 1” build, then I would cancel submission for that build. Cancel, submit the build from Thunkable, and use that build version for the review. I hope this helps.

Edit: If I remember correctly, if there are “Unresolved Issues” with the build, they won’t allow you to submit another app.

Thank ashesdroid;
Juste this question to be sure .

  1. when i make a new App before send to Appel Store connect
    I make
  2. When I make a new version of a existing App before sending a new version to Appel Store Connect
    a) Imake
    I reuse the old users_xxxxxx_certificates_mycsr
    I reuse the old ios_distribution.cer
    I make the new Appname.mobileprovision
    Question : Can I use the same users_xxxxxx_certificates_mycsr
    and ios_distribution.cer for differents App’s
    I think that my problem is located in Appel store Connect ,
    My first version was accepted for review and rejected because of lack of privacy statement.
    I can’t from Apple store update to a new version a “+” is missing near the version.
    Maybe a problem of certificate from my App !!! I still don’t know exactelly , I receive a lot of document but no a direct answer of my questions.
    I still wait a little bit , then if there are no answer I will remove my App from Appel Store Connect to restart frm scratch

Best regards

Just for info , the certificat made in Thunkable for the version already in Apple Store Connect I have delet it !!! so this probably can also cause the problem


Additionally, you can only remove apps if all versions of that app are in one of the following states:

• Prepare for Submission

• Invalid Binary

• Developer Rejected

• Rejected

• Metadata Rejected

• Developer Removed From Sale

• Removed From Sale

I have try a lot of things … I’ m only interrested in IOS 1.0 ; I don’t need the mac0s 1.0 and also not the tvos 1.0

My IOS 1.0 was rejected before because of lack in the privacy statement , so I make the change in my apps and try to send a new version without success.

My apps status is now

iOS App

· 1.0 Ready for Review

This is for the history.

Now I want to restart from scratch .

I want to have my app in the status rejected again so I go to app revew






App Store Submission

Feb 11, 2022 at 11:49 AM

iOS 1.0

Unresolved Issues


and type resolve to get the rejected again

But I get

An error has occurred. Try again later.

App Review

Feb 11, 2022 at 11:49 AM

Resubmit to App Review

Unresolved Issues

Date Submitted

Feb 11, 2022 at 11:49 AM

Submitted By

Last Updated By

Submission ID


Items Submitted (1)

You can review and make edits to your items below, or communicate with Apple. Accepted items won’t be available for release until all items with issues are resubmitted and accepted. You can also remove those items and resubmit them later.

There are errors with one or more of your items. To fix them, you need to remove the items and add them again to your submission.

What can I do ?

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