[Solved] Splash screen doesn´t show the app icon just a blank screen

I update to Pro 2 days ago, but on the splash screen does´t show the app icon just a blank screen

I have tried creating some entire new apps and changing diferent sizes of icon 512px and 128 px still the blank splash screen in all app. Some have crash with the only chance of upgrating to pro.

hi @cacique, :wave:

What file format is your new icon?

If you like you can PM me your project and I’ll take a closer look for you.


PNG HAve already send and mesage by chat

Thanks @cacique,

Following up with you via chat now.

Hi guys just to let you know, After 2 days of changing anything It just started working and showing the Splash screen Icon,

Also, Noted that doest show the icon on kindle devices but in other android it´s works

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Thanks for following up with this @cacique - typically this change should happen straight away for apps that you are side loading or testing on your own device.

As far as I can remember, the 2 days mentioned here was the time taken to upload an updated version of the app to Google Play and for that update to be reviewed and pushed out to all users.