[SOLVED] Sound Block: Timed recording suddenly stopped working for desktop browsers


As shown in the image above, this timed recording block used to be able to work on all web browsers (mobile and desktop). Meaning we were able to access the microphone and record audio for X amount of seconds.

It now suddenly does not work for desktop browsers only. It simply runs as if the timer is set to 0, which means the microphone is never accessed.

Is this expected behaviour and is there any fix or work around?

Hello @wizzs
I am sorry to hear about your issue.
I tested this app and it works. Thunkable
Could you please check that your browser gives access to the device’s Microphone?

Thanks ioannis, good news is that it seems to be working today. Without any change on my part.

Whatever the reason was yesterday while it was not working, I had confirmed it was behaving similarly across all desktop browsers (chrome, mozilla, edge) despite microphone access either being enabled on prior used browsers… or no request to access the microphone at all for newly used browsers.

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