[Solved] Setting Alignment on Anycomponent-made rows or columns

Hi Thunkable folks,
I’m trying to create a screen using the “anycomponent” menu to dynamically create rows and columns. This is going fine, but I’m having a tough time finding documentation on the possible values that can be used within the properties of components created this way - notably the Alignment property. While the “Design” interface has dropdowns for the values, I’m unsure what to put for setting the values after dynamically creating the component. See this screen shot:

I made a decent guess that I could pass “Fit contents” for the height of this row, and that worked great. I’m also trying to make the alignment “left”, but this is not working - maybe because horizontal alignment and vertical alignment are split into separate categories in the Design interface, but not here? I’m also just guessing at these bits of text by trying to match the Design dropdown menus. Any advice?


can you try alignment: start OR alignment: flex-start

I’m interested to know if that’ll work. since the platform is build on react native, I imagine it may accept some CSS values for those inputs. start/end/flex-start etc

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That makes sense, but doesn’t seem to be working for me. I do see some usage of the “start” / “flex-start” vocab here: https://docs.thunkable.com/intro-to-spacing

But I imagine I must have to say something about horizontal/vertical - otherwise how would it know which direction I’m referring to? (there’s only 1 alignment property when setting this way - it doesn’t split it into the 2 directions).

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It was a shot in the dark. My thought would be to create a right and left aligned ‘master’ or a ‘master’ for each component you plan on creating (as much as possible)

then you can clone what you need without setting alignment each time

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I tried this

And I can see it working in the screen.

It will not reflect with you because you set the Height to Fit Contents which means all options will be the same.


Use this for vertical (Alignment) and horizontal (Justification)

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