Column alignment is swapped

I’m trying to set the alignment for components inside of a column in the legacy interface and I noticed that the properties are swapped: the vertical setting affects the horizontal alignment while the horizontal setting affects the vertical alignment.

You can see the effect in this screenshot. The value “top” is forcing the two buttons to the left while the value “center” is centering them between the top and bottom of the column.

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That’s a bit confusing because first of all its not the case of mine -

And secondly I think you’re using an row because the objects are aligned horizontally.
That’s why I also tried with row and the result came even more weird. As in the screenshot attached you can see its working correctly. But as you can see in your screenshot Vertical align is written on top of horizontal align. But in my case its vice versa.

@roumak-coder That’s what I thought too, which is why I double-checked and it’s indeed a column. I realize it doesn’t make sense that the buttons are next to each other horizontally but… they are.

Anyway, I figured out the right property settings. I just had to know that “top” is normally first in the “Vertical Alignment” property drop-down menu so I chose the first item in the “Horizontal Alignment” property instead.