Components direction

Hello Thunkers,
Components inside the row change their directions depending on the language of the device.
If the language of the device “right to left” such as Arabic then all components in side the row change their directions.
My question is: How can I make the components fixed so they cannot change their directions inside the row?
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Is the Direction property for row for the Adwanced tab not working for you?


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I tried everything mate it does not work.

Try to do this: align the text inside the label to the right.

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Mate I am talking about several components inside a row. Such as an image, label and button.
If I set the image to right and button to left and the label in the middle of the row, then in Arabic devices components will be shown on the screen as
Image left button right

I understood the situation. Indeed, it is strange that the components change the order in this case. Unfortunately, I can not answer without experimenting on such a device.

If put 3 Columns of different colors in Row, do they also change the order?

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Yes. Everything inside the row will change its order depending on the language of the device

Maybe try absolute positioning of components within a row?