[Solved] App in different language

Hello Everyone,

I have an app which I developed on Thunkable. I developed the app in a language which uses right to left i.e you start writing from the right.

When I use the app in a device which is another language, the app changes to left to right. This is a major issue because this changes the main functionality of the app.

What can I do to ensure that the app maintains the right to left feature no matter what language my users devices are?

Thank you for your help.

Happy to try and help here but I have a couple of questions to start.

Is the language set at the device level or by the OS?

Are you using the writing direction set right to left in the component properties?


The language is set at the device level. No I didn’t use writing direction in the app.

You can adjust the properties of the writing direction then to right to left then.

Thank you, it works