Installing Thunkable app on Android phone when its language is Arabic

I am making a mob app in the Egyptian market.

The problem is that when I tried to install the application on an android phone when its language is Arabic. the application flips everything(rtl) and some of the graphics are not well rendered as designed.

I am looking for a solution.

Can I force the direction to be ltr regardless the device language? or any other suggestion.

Thank you Thunkers!


Hi @minagabrial14f1, thanks for joining the community and posting your question. We’re glad to have you here. I know we discussed this issue on another support channel. Writing direction is an advanced option that is only available on iOS and web apps for Thunkable. Someone here may be able to give some direction on how to force otherwise, however.

The Snap to Place platform has the direction property in the advanced tab

But not for all components

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