Questions about replicating components

When I copy a horizontal layout into a vertical layout, I cannot get the buttons, labels, and other controls in the horizontal layout

If you mean by that that you export a horizontal screen and then import and change to vertical orientation, all elements are there (you may check left side of the design screen mode and see all elements). But maybe some are absolute value position and they are out of the screen.
Same thing is you are using clone block to get all elements of a row to put in a column.
I personally need more details to proper have an answer for this.

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I am sorry for my poor expression. I would like to ask how to obtain the buttons and labels in the cloned row.

I’ll make for you an example in a minute.

Thank you very much

And ill provide you the link also… (put screen because I’ll delete the link as soon as you will remix though)

I made it from vertical to horizontal for the sake of proper displaying the source in screens. The same is from horizontal to vertical.


ok, It gave me a new way of thinking,thanks very much