How to use line layout (Component Row)

Hello guys,

I’m new here on the platform and I’m creating an application but I’m not getting a line in my layout below the other, can someone help me?

Hi, welcome to Thunkable! Can you post a screenshot of the Design screen for your project? And explain where/why you’re expecting lines where there aren’t any?

Hello thank you so much.

Below, see an image of how I want the buttons to look, always with 4 buttons each.

You can do this by creating a row of buttons (1 row with 4 buttons inside it) and cloning them – fairly difficult if you’re new to Thunkable. Or you can create a column and put 3 rows inside the column. Then put 4 buttons inside each row.

Rows allow you to place components next to each other (horizontally). Columns allow you to place components on top of each other (vertically).

If you Google row column thunkable you’ll see documentation and video tutorials related to this.

Hi @dantec.sbcvr,

do you mean a horizontal line between the rows? I do this that way:

  • place a label between two rows
  • delete the lable’s text (or enter a single space)
  • set label’s width to “fit container”
  • set label’ height to “absolute 1px” or “absolute 2px”, this is the line’s thickness.
  • set label’s background color to black or other dark color. Or set it to TRANSPARENT to be just a spacer.

Hey @dantec.sbcvr,

Do you just need to add some Rows to your design so that everything is in 4 lines?

OK. Thank you very much
I finally made it.

OK. Thank you very much Michael_Rogulla.
After a long time I did it. I put 1 column and 2 rows, then another column and 2 rows and then I just made the spacings.