Design View Classic & Cross Platform

This application design view I made in the classic platform, but from yesterday I plan to start on cross-platform I try to make as same but I failed, I am totally new in app development and its my first experience in the development phase, for reference & guide I share both screens

Hey there, in thunkable X you have to replace and to insert your components in your rows and columns directly from the component list on the left of your screen.
Hope it helps !

I click & try to drag buttons in rows but its not moving there that’s why i ask the suggestion here.

When you drag the button, id the red bar is on the left side of the row, then your button is going to be inserted inside the row, if the red bar is under, it’s going to be inserted under, chrck if the red bar js beside

Can you give me some example via Picture or Video link for the guide?

See, here Row 2 and Row 1 are seperated
Row 3 is inside Row 1
And buttons are inside row 1

Here is a picture of how it should look when you wan to put the button inside the row (Notice the red thingy I was talking about)

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I Try To Make As Old But You See I Made This

I told you, your buttons aren’t inserted in your rows, drag them and put them on your row, if the red bar is as shown on my screenshot undrag and you’re done !

Huff I Got It Thanks The Row Design I Got It Thankyou!!

Your welcome

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I make one list view & i use airtable spread sheet to get data, how can i setup to click on list view item and show data details from spreadsheet.

Use a variable and if the first item is pressed set the variable to 1 and import the data details in fonction of the variable number

Also open other post for different issues so people can find their solution easily

Its my first experience i dont know about the variables first time i try to make an mobile application.

Variables are used to store values, just store a different value in fonction of the INDEX which is clicked on the list viewer and open the good pack of component in consequence.

Exemple :

Your list :

Item A
Item B

When Item A pressed set variable “choice” to 1
When Item B pressed set variable “choice” to 2

If variable “choice” = 1 open datapack 1
If variable “choice” = 2 open datapack 2

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