[Solved] Screens that do not show details

When I start the thunkable my creations do not show the details, they are in this gray background, but when I create a new screen it adds and shows the icons normally, but only for new screens, those that already exist do not show anything.


Hello @ambulapt
I am sorry to hear about your issue.
Could you please try to use another browser?
The engineers asked me if you could check your Chrome browser to see if any service workers are installed.
And if you are using a normal internet connection or a school/business/organization connection.

Hello @ambulapt! Could you please share what was the solution?
It would be very helpful for all the creators.

@ambulapt We are not seeing any more reports of this issue. But please feel free to reach back out here if you (or anyone else) is beginning to see similar issues not seeing their screens on the Platform.

Thanks, all!