[Solved] Rotating Web Viewer

I see that you can transform the web viewer. Ive gotten it to move, but not how I wan’t it to!

So how do I set it to turn to the right by 90 degrees (landscape). I am pulling a stream from AWS S3 (its an mp4 file) and the fullscreen WebViewer isn’t full screen. The full screen button is greyed out.

By adding 1 as the Empy String under Rotate, it rotates the web viewer roughly 15 degrees, but by adding larger numbers it does nothing.

There is nothing about this in documentation.

So back to the question, how can I go about rotating the web viewer 90 degrees.

(btw, by actually rotating the device doesn’t do anything, it just zooms in on the video) :slight_smile:



  1. Full screen mode for WebViewer does not work for Android (see docs)
  2. The rotation value is set in radians - 1.57 this will be approximately 90 degrees.

@actech thanks for clearing both of those points up! 1.57 indeed seems to be 90 degrees. The web viewer still does not display the video properly (even after playing around with the dimensions)

Thank you very much all the same

Do you know if iOS works with Google Drive video streaming?

Thanks again.

I don’t know this, but my test video streams work on iOS.

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