Can Android Web Viewer play livestream in full screen?

Hi, as you could guess, I have problem with full screen Web View Livestream on Android phones.

As you can see on iPhones, video automatically open on full screen.

But when I test it on android phones, it not working? Even, when I click full screen button, its not working. What could be a problem?

The default video player will differ widely across Android devices (in a way that iOS devices don’t) so could you let us know which device/android version you are using?


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Thanks for answering, I tried my app on Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro, Google Pixel 5 and Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro. And not on one of these devices, the video does not open in full screen.

Dis you hold the device horizontally? Might need to force its hand.

Yes, I also tried to turn the device over, it still does not help. On the iPhone, it opens quietly, immediately to the full screen. And on Android, it just runs in this little window and doesn’t want to open in full screen. Here is a link to the application (, I can explain how to get the error if you have an android device?

I have screen record my iPhone and Android phone, as you can see, on iPhone everything works great, but on Android it’s still not open full screen.

Thanks for the vidoes @nlklta236 - they’re very helpful.

Let me check with the team to see if there’s any reason why it works one way on Android and another on iOS.


Thanks, ok, I will be waiting)

I have the same problem, can you help me?

Thanks and Best Regards

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I think could be something related permission?

In my case in iOS is running perfectly but in Android i can do full screen if you want to login to the App

You can Use: User: Demo pass: abcdef

Pls help me

Thanks and BR.

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Hi, you were able to find the error on android?

Not yet, it is a pity i tried somethings but it didnt works yet