Webview Full Screen Mode

Hey guys!

I made a webview app for my client, who has a plataform for his
classes of his course preparing for a important test. I publish the app on play store already, but i realized that when the students watch the classes, the screen mode’s button is not there, like the website. Besides, i can’t rotate the phone’s screen inside the app, if i could rotate it would help a lot.
Does someone know what can i do? Is this a thunkable’s problem? Or this is not available on thunkable’s webview?
I’be thankful if someone could help me!

Welcome to Thunkable! When you describe a problem you’re having, it’s really important to include things like a link to the project or screenshots or a url for the web app. All three if possible!

Because when I read something like “the screen mode’s button is not there,” I have no idea what you mean.

You obviously can see what this looks like and have an idea of how it should be… but we can’t.