[Solved] Query a field on Airtable


i use Airtable for my sport club,

i need to do something like this: “Select DOB where SURNAME is (variable) from Athlets”

and save this value (name) into a variable.

How can i select only one field ?

Thanks !!!

Hi, @aiasp! :wave:

What does Athlets mean here? Is it the Table Name?

We can achieve this through a loop-check. More clearly, looping through all rows, and checking if SURNAME = something.


yes, athlets is the table name

I don’t know if i do right.

GetRow is used on DB “Airtable1” and not on the Table AThlets i want to query. ??

Hi, i’m not able to do it… can u help me ? i pay…:frowning:

Hi, @aiasp! :wave:
Sorry for late reply, I was busy here :neutral_face:

I think this should work for you :


Since you’ve set the TableName in Designer properties of Airtable component, it will do all the tasks on that specific Table only.

I hope I helped you :smiley_cat:


ah ok Thanks ! But it works only on one table ? if i need to query on other one in another screen ?

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If so, best procedure would be grabbing another Airtable Component, and setting it to a different Table Name.

Thanks! :smiley_cat:

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ah ok ! more Airtables on the table ! Love it i try