Querying an Airtable base

I am working through how best to query a table in Airtable.

I have a table with names and employee grades and want the users to be able select the specific grade via a button and a list of all employees in that grade will be shown in a Data Listing. The user can then select the particular employee to get more information on another screen.

There are 5 grades of employees and at first, I had them all in one table and was following a YouTube video where it was suggested that the grades could be separated by the use of views. I did this but could not find out how to query the particular view based on the users selection.

I then separated the grades into different tables but still cannot figure how to select the table based on the button selection (which I am saving to a variable).

In my searching, I came across this post which has a block (the purple One) which I cannot locate in the components. I am not sure if this is what I want but it is below -

If it is not this block, or if it does not exist anymore, I would I go about running my query?


If you are trying to call from a different table use this block. When you press the button have it tied to each table you want to call/get data from.

The get row object block is in the Data Sources drawer:

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