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I’m having a problem with Airtable when I want to select a specifc row using a name which is already registered there. It does that but always brings the last register I think because of my counter. How can I get the row number which contains the exactly name wrote in the text_field?

This is what I did:

I believe the error is in your conditional block, what you’re doing is asking if the name of your student is in the list only.
You might want to try to find the first item that is similar with the following block:

In that case I get the number 5 :slight_smile: that’s my row.

I haven’t tried this on airtables but I hope it helps!



Hi, @nickolas! :wave:

The find occurrence has a bug, it doesn’t return the row number which exactly matches the query.
Since you want to search the exact name, try this -

The bug

Suppose your list is {a,b,ab} and you want to find ab. it will return you 1, and that’s not the correct answer. when it finds the first letter of the item in the list (“ab”), it returns it’s position, ignoring the next letters.

(In your case, the item can be anything you desire.)

I don’t know why, but the above blocks only return the row number which exactly contains the item from the list.

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Thanks! :blush:

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Thanks for the help but, what I needed was to find the:

And @sofia solved it for me, but many thanks neverless.


Thanks for the help, I owe you one.