[Solved] QR Code scanning doesnt work when I published the web app

Hi guys

I just created an app where the user should be able to scan an QR Code.
When I tested it with the thunkable live app everythings works fine.
But when I published the app and tried to use it, it fails everytime.
I also tried it with the example project that thunkable provided and even there it showed “null” when I clicked the button to scan the QR Code. Or lets say it doesnt even open the camera and directly showed me null as an result.


Does some has the same issue or know how I could solve it?

Here are the blocks from my app.

Thanks for your support guys.

You can click on the barcode block and choose Show Advanced Block. Then you can display the green blocks’ values in labels and re-publish the app so you have some information when troubleshooting this.

Hi tatiang

Thank you for the advise. I did as you say and the error message that I
receive is “The Barcode-Scanner only works on Andriod and iOS now”.

I published my app as a web app and tried it on my android phone.
Is this maybe the problem that I published it as a web app and not as a native app?

Thanks for your support.

Hello @hslu :wave:
As it is mentioned in our docs here: Publish as a Web App - Thunkable Docs

Barcode Scanner is not supported on the web, this means that to test it you have to download the app on your device or test it through the Thunkable Live App.

Thank you, that worked for me.

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