[Solved] Problems with numbers from Labels

Having some issues with a piece of code.

It is not doing anything.

Strange thing is if I set MONEY LABEL to say 3000 it will only count backwards until 1800 then stop.
If i set GEMS LABEL to 150 and MONEY LABEL to 3000 it will count down to 1350, using 100 in GEMS LABEL it will count down to zero.


Hi, @Garry_Lane! :wave:

What are you trying to do/achieve? I cannot guess that from your blocks, please elaborate.
So we could help you better if we understand your idea. :blush:

Thanks! :blush:

Basically just trying to get
if money value is greater than gems value
then set money value to minus gems value.
Basic stuff, done it before but seems broken at the moment.

Hi, @Garry_Lane! :wave:
Thanks for the explanation! :blush:

This could solve your problem -

Might be :man_shrugging: But my above blocks will surely help you :+1:

Good Luck! :smile:
Thanks! :blush:

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thank you very much @kartik14 this has worked. But from my testing its like a decimal place issue, once the first 2 numbers of money value drop below the first 2 numbers of gems value no matter how many zeroes on the end, it seems to interpret it as less than.