Count down from input value to zero without timer extensions

on button click, I want to count down from input value in a label, to 0. without any timer extension or anything. The solution has to basic as this is for kids.

Can you say more about how this might work?

Every action in Thunkable has to have a trigger. The trigger could be a timer value changing, a screen opening, a button being clicked, etc. But without a trigger, there is nothing to create an action.

What trigger do you have in mind? From what you wrote, I’m not sure if you want the input value to reduce by 1 each time the button is clicked or to – somehow – count down when the button is clicked once.

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I want to count down as a result of button click

Something like this. This doesn’t work, I want to build on this.

Check it изображение

Great! thank worked perfectly! Could you please explain why you have set text_input + 0?

This is necessary to convert a string to a numeric type


okay, understood. didn’t know it’s needed in thunkable too. thank you!