[Solved] Issues with > and < blocks in logic

I have an unexpected result in my project comparing numbers so i made this simple app for closer investigation. Please check it out and use the following values: A: 40, B: 5

The result is wrong. I guess the block removes the zeros at the end of the numbers before executing the command. What did I do wrong? How do I compare numbers?
Please help.

Hi, @Patrick_Elisha! :wave:

I think today an issue is coming while comparing numerals.
An alike question was answered today by me - Problems with numbers

These blocks could help you -

What I did?
I just added a <textInput(A/B)> + 0. It doesn’t change the value of the textInput, but (I think) it converts the text to proper numbers, so we can compare.

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Thank you, your solution helps.

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Thanks, @Patrick_Elisha! :smile:

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