[Solved] Greater than and less than is not working

Im trying to detect insuffiecent balance which doing a mathematical operation for two numbers, the available balance and the amount to spend… still not, even im trying vice versa, swithing each one of another dont work from me uisng the blocks in the logic section which has greater and less than… Please do share some tips and recommendation

Hi there,

Can we see the blocks you have been using?

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Hi, thank u for attention. I cant send a image of blocks right now since its was my bedtime im using mobile. But what i used is basic blocks using if then and from logic section less than blocks and use 2 label which i thunk with than obtaining some number on it.
Please do share some example at your very convienient time, i will appreciate it so much… so you can try also if its working in your own method. Thank you

I just built a little test app and the comparison blocks seem to be working for me!
If you reply to this topic tomorrow, we can talk about using these blocks. We will probably need to ask each other some questions!


here… the pointssendbox is the textbox for sharing/sending points while the valuasce label is the available points in users account… i tried to test this one blocks is working but im wonder when i have e.g sample: 100 points balance and i want to share 50 points, its still say insufficient balance, but when is type exact 100 its sending… so strange, i double check everything and come with my best until i dont find better answer why, and hope to share it here

The problem is that you are comparing strings, not numbers, with each other. To convert string numbers to numbers, use the addition block with 0.

if <- ( from pointsendbox get Text + 0 ) < ( from valusace get Text + 0 )


how can i convert label/text to a numbers?

изображение to
if ← ( from pointsendbox get Text + 0 ) < ( from valusace get Text + 0 )

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ok i will try this and get back here for the result