How do i create conditional logic gates?

How do i create an "if block1’s text greater than 0 but less than 10 set block1’s text 5
It’s probably very easy but i’m new to this web so idk how

It’s best to read the docs and look for tutorials on YouTube etc. What you want to do is relatively simple and if you can’t even do that you may have further problems in the future.

i cant find it

You’ll need to use Control blocks and Logic blocks to do this. Also, you can’t compare numerical strings using < or >. So first, add zero (+0) to each text string to convert them to numbers and then compare them using < or >.

If you can’t get it working, post a screenshot of the blocks you’ve tried.


Thanks for to reply but i want it to check if the number is between a range
example: If block1’s text less than 1 but greater than 3 do set block2’s text to “The number is 2”
else set block2’s text to “The number isn’t 2”

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See these blocks

This the result of the test

  • If you click the button without entering a number

  • If you enter 2

  • If you enter a different number

Hope this explains what you are trying to do.

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