Multiples conditions between 2 numbers

Hello everybody, i m new on thinkable, can you help me ?

i use thunkable PRO, for android and ios…

i have a text box where you can put a number, with button for validation.

if you type a number between 0 and 100 it opens the screen 2 for example .;

if you 0 to 100 open screen 1
101 to 1000 open screen 2

can you help me for my first application to coding this argument?
i have try lot of possibility, but i don’t understand the condition number between

Thanks a lot

Hi Cebb,

glad to have you here in the community.

Some points might be interesting for you - you will understand them, be sure :slight_smile:

  • textboxes can be set to allow numbers only. in this case the keyboard of your device has only numpad.
  • simple if-then-else-components might be enough for your purpose.

the easiest way to get help is sharing your project link here. Somebody can make changes and post it back.


hello user81
thank you for your report…

yes i use 'if then else " but i dont understand what block use for ‘the number between’

On button clic

if my text box number is between 0- 100 (what is the block for this…??)
Open screen 1

if my text box number is between 101 - 2000
Open scren 2

it must be easy but I block.
not between block

i try with bloc math

best regard…

Hi Cebb,

between 1-100 must be translated to >= 1 AND <=100

Vous/tu devez/dois faire comme ca je crois :

You should do something like this I think

Nice day :slight_smile:

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Ho thanks you !!! it’s work…
have a nice day too !!