What hapenned from yesterday to today?

I had a function to validate whether a number contains the digit 0. Today it was completely disassembled and when I tried to create it with my students, it did not accept the placement of the number 0 in the logical equality block

If it’s not possible to do more the way I did? How is it possible to validate that my variable “secretNumber” contains the number zero? and send the alert?

Hi @mcarmojmf, thanks for reaching out about this.

We released an update yesterday to our Blocks platform and updated some critical UI elements in the Blocks tab.

In updating this library, a change was made that will no longer allow users to compare different data types–strings vs numbers vs objects, etc. Using logic to compare these two data types is not possible so adding it into your app can cause issues.

In the screenshot you provided, the comparison is trying to be made between a string (app variable palpite) and a number (0). If you are wanting to compare the variable and 0, you would want to change 0 (an integer) to “0” a string so that the data types are the same.


@mcarmojmf You should be able to put the blocks back together again. We’re sorry that a bug with our library upgrade caused your blocks to not be placed in the “=” blocks correctly.


Thanks, Paul!!

Of course Matt,

I realized this and made a change with the student today’s afternoon.

I put the secret number in string format and did the comparison then, everything worked fine.

Just one little student, 8-year-old who refused to make the change. :thinking: But I know it will give way if over time it doesn’t work. Hehehe

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