[Solved] Problem Block < in if condition

Hi all
I spent many hours trying t

o solve a problem.
I want to find a minimum from 4 variables.
Quit simple, it is impossible to selct the correct one… In my example, the code choose always the third one (number 11) instead of the second one (number 2).

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Try replacing the continuous if blocks with else if statements (inside the do loopmin function) -

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Hello thanks…
I also tried with this option…


No result

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If you could provide me a detailed version of what you want to achieve, It’ll be easy for me to understand your problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, can you please elaborate on why are you using a repeat block for finding minimum?

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I have to test four input texts to find the minimum.
In my example, I directly put the figures in the text option of the block
I repeat because as it doesn’t work I would want to know if the problem was the same after two or three tests.
In fact, I just want to know when the user types numbers in the boxes which of the four input text is the minimum.
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To find the minimum, add all the values to the list and use the ready-made block.



Oh yeah
I like this solution !!!

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I was also giving this solution, but could not coz I was not online due to some problems :smile:

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P.S. So @franckled Is your problem solved? Should I mark this topic as Solved?


It works fine

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