Repeat block does not work

I would like to make a timetable app where it would check every row and if the current time is less than the time that is inputed than I would take a row of data and display at the main screen. For me to do this I would have to check every row of my data and repeat to the corresponding number of rows in that particular sheet. I put a set variable block to increment the counter for the code to go from row 1 to row 2. It is not working. I would like to know if my logic is wrong or just the blocks?

In the image below i was trying to see if the counter would increment and it didn’t

Did you mean to check if app variable dayoftheweek ≠ 4? All of your other if blocks have the condition = to a number.

If that’s not the problem, please post a link to your project. I would also recommend debugging using a method I detail here: Debugging in Thunkable X (Video). That way you can tell which parts of your code are working properly and which are not.

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