Count block count to 1 extra when it is writen after a get proberty block

Is there any problems with your server.
I also postet an error yesterday.
I have a a count to block. The stti gs is count from 1 to 8.
What happens is that it count to 9. If I turn it around to count from 8 to 1 it count to 0.
Very strange.

can you recreate this error with another count block. I have gotten wierd counting issues in the past but not like this

I have received n * 2 and n * 3 but what i learned is that the issues lied in where my code was placed.

Yes I have also tried to delete the count block and make a new one. Same problem.
What do you mean with where your code was placed?

means i forgot to put my set to 0 code for my counter in the right place.
that doesnt mean thats what’s happening to you, just my experience.

Apps usually only do what we tell them to do if we tell them to do it correctly.

right. But if I tell I to count to 8 it sholdnt count to 9???

Start here
Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 7.43.43 AM

and then work backward until you have your app built again

this works perfectly for me. Therefore, it appears as if its not the count block that is the error.

if your problem persists, feel free to contact me through my website. I offer low cost paid troubleshooting where I will spend 30 at least 30 minutes working through your problems with you.

yes but if I cant have the other block inside I CANT make the function i want… So what to do in that case…
Maybe you can help, if I get all row from airtable.
How I can search for what colomn there is text in out of 16 column in row 2 and 4 out of 6 rows. I am misterius to the get row in airtable block.
I can also put it in a nother way. What is happening in the in list block then. Because it is actually this block that changes the 8 to a 9 somehow.

I must say I am a little disapointed over not getting a reply. I am sitting here for 3 days waiting. I am paying for the PRO version because that shold give a faster reply. I know that ther have been going Corona in everything but could be nice with a little note with"we will look into it" or “we cant solve it, find a nother way” OR “yes there is something wrong with the block. bla bla”
If it can not be solved just say that or do I need to solve it in a nother way it is okay. But it dosent make sence that the count block count to 9 no matter in what block the error is.
I have had a engineer to look at the code and he also cant se the logic in that behavior.

I am noticing some counting issues today myself. maybe they are related?

Thinking my counting issues come from interpreting numbers as text

my guess is ‘count 1 to 8 by 1’ is interpreted (always) as a do loop where the test at the top is: if i>8 then goto end of block. by that time, i will have a value of 9!

yes I follow you and have thought about that. But then explain why it write 9 INSIDE the I smaller or the same than 8 then do??? But I notised that there if some different in the result if the wait is before or after the info1_lbl text block

Can you reproduce the error in a share link?

Sure. Try this link…