Get row is not working properly

In thunkable x get row block of is not working. Please try to fix this problem asap.

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I agree, due to this my app is not working properly.

Really need to fix it asap please and make it permanent.

Can you provide an example project where it is not working as expected?

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Here is my project link.
When I use “get column block” its working perfectly fine. However, When I am using “get rows block” its not working.

I am using the following block.

While testing it gives exact index number but when I created apk and installed it, it gives 1 number above in NameIndex.

What could be the reason of such happening.

Its not the first time its happening, I am sick of it now.

Can someone look into it and fix the blocks components…

I created a solution for this, in absense of component picking the right index number,

Whatever index number is generated by this, I am adding 1 to it unless the name matches with the name of indexnumber… If any one is looking for the solution, message me, I will share method and code.

I was facing same issue. So I just added blank row above first row in airtable. Now its working fine. May be other people facing this issue can try this method as an alternative to @Navneet_Singhal has suggested.

I also tried it but it works some times and then again the same issue will come…