[Solved] Map Marker Press Error - Crashes App

Hey everyone. I’m having some trouble with the google map feature.

Whenever a map marker is clicked, I get an this error:

It happens regardless of whether or not there is a “map marker press” block in place. Any ideas or guidance?

does your phone give location permissions to the companion app?

Yeah I’ve enabled permission, and the app pulls the phones location in a few blocks.

Without seeing your blocks it can be hard to diagnose. The map can cause crashing quite easily if the blocks are not in the right place.

Can you share a shot of your blocks?

Yeah it’s definitely from the way I’m creating my markers from Airtable. I tested the map on another page by just making a bunch of markers manually and it works fine there.

Here you go:

this is how i filter. you could try this kind of idea. Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 1.07.21 AM

works well for me

I stack these on top of each other.

or even this.

a filter within an if then. stacked ontop of another filter

I don’t know that it’s the way I filter though. I pulled in an unfiltered list from airtable and plotted them on a map and it gave me the same error.

well, the only way to find out is to do something different. If you don’t change the blocks, you wont make it work any better. You could always try it.

I would put your list for lat and long each into their own list viewer to see if there are only numbers being entered as coordinates.

or maybe for some reason 1 list is longer than the other?

I’m not sure what fixed it exactly because I tried a few different things, but by changing my blocks around to get all rows, and then for each row, get the individual row based on the row number field in airtable, I was able to make it work. I did discover that by using a title field that was a number, it would also crash so I changed it to a text field and it is working now.


if this ^^^ was your solution, can you mark it so others may see?

Great work @justingxn9, troubleshooting is a pain in the but it makes you a more efficient programmer if you can learn from your mistakes.

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