[Solved] Issues Reading Data from Cloud and Stored Variables?

Is anyone else having issues reading data from cloud or stored variables from the live test app?

I use both in a project I am working on. They were working last night, but today I’m not getting any data.

Has Thunkable pushed any changes today?

i have updated my live test app and its working fine while reading, writing, appending data in both cloud and stored variables

@Tijender_Singh Are you on Android? It looks like someone updated Thunkable Live App on Android and that resolved the issue.

I’m testing on the Apple / iOS Thunkable Live App. I deleted and reinstalled, and I’m still not getting any data.

@Darren I am testing on emulator Android and now tested on IOS physical device working fine for me.

Very odd indeed. Must be something with my blocks.

I created another screen and I can read and write fine, but this was all working last night. I’ll cross my fingers and hope the weekend fixes it. :slight_smile:


FWIW-- I resolved the issues above, and I wanted to update this thread.

The issue ended up being too many blocks on the screen. I think there were around 450 blocks originally.

So what I did was split the page into 2 pages in the app.

  1. Loading Screen - Grabs the data from the database and manipulates it so everything is readable by the app. The UI just shows “loading…”. Once this is complete, it moves to the Display Screen.

  2. Display Screen - Displays the data from the Loading screen to the user.

As other threads have noted, the performance issues tend to start around 200-300 blocks. But splitting the business logic between screens seems to be a viable solution.