[Solved] How to display rows from a table in thunkable x


The latest data coming in airtable is inserted at last. So, clearly means we need to reverse the list.

There are two methods. The best one would be this -

Just change the in list "x", insert at **last** as ... to in list "x", insert at **first** as ....

Hope I helped you! :blush:
Thanks! :blush:

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Thanks a lot Kartik, after many attempt, I re-created my database and now it works fine!! I don’t know why I continued see an undefined order… maybe some bug or some “dirty” in the db.

Anyhow, now after the re-creation of the db everything works in the right order (insert at first)!

Next step is to optimize the visualization in the list viewer so that user can have a sort of copy of the AirTable view with column name and so on. (I don’t know if you have some example on this topic)


I tried it, thought it made sense but instead of displaying joined columns from each row, I am getting the value from a column displayed 1 letter at a time in multiple rows.

This what my blocks look like:

What am I missing?

Thanks for the response @kartik14, will give it a try and let you know.

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the blocks you use to set the list viewer items, move that out of the loop. put it just after the loop


Still same result :frowning:
Makes sense within the do as it is getting a property for each column and appending them.
Seeing the same result either way.

I am trying this on the live test feature on the site, do you think it might have to so something with how it is displaying?

Initialize your joined list variable as an empty list

Use This block in the loop

Put your variable for the joined list into this block here

Put this


Keep the list viewer block out of the loop. You should be able to connect that joined list variable right to the list viewer with no problem


Thank you, that worked.
Now I just need to figure out how to format the strings I get.
The newline did not actually put it into a new line.
Also need to figure out how to format different items differently and some with links, etc.
Will mark your response as solution.

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@kartik14, you have good response.Looks like had exactly what I needed.
Have you tried formatting and using links, etc that can be launched using one of the column’s data?

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21d ago this worked

but not anymore. i would guess because there is a new listviewer coming into play soon. You may have to do a fancy listviewer like this


maybe you need to use Google sheets? (I don’t know bcz I am learning

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Dear @ninja_x
It helps no one replying on a post a YEAR LATER.


oh yeah! thanks @muneer

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Hi, I know this topic is super old, but I have a similar problem with the new Data Viewer List component.

My problem is exactly like this, however, when using a Data Viewer List, I don’t think it’s possible to display a list. Is there any way to reverse all the rows in Airtable?
I want it so that the Newest Entry shows on the Top; it should show first in the Data Viewer List.

Hey, any way to do this??

Thats more of a function of airtable than of a data viewer list. I would recommend creating a new topic and posting your exact question with what you’ve tried and what you need help with.