[Solved] How to delete images to free up storage

Hey everyone, I’m very new to Thunkable and can’t find the answer to my problem.

My app requires LOTS of photos, and I’ve reached my storage limit. The problem is that I accidentally uploaded a few images that are not necessary. I only have a few images left that I need to upload for the app. If I can delete the unnecessary photos I think I’ll have enough room to add in the last few pics that I need for the app. Can I delete the unnecessary images that I shouldn’t have uploaded? I can’t figure out how to do this, and can’t see this answered anywhere.

Thanks for your help!


hi @erinmarieunderthesea :wave:

Are you using Thunkable Classic or Thunkable X?


thunkable x

If you are using X, then the Classic forum is not the appropriate place to ask.

That said, on the left side of the Design panel, is a list of all the components presently imported in your app. At the very bottom of that list is a sub-list entitled ‘files’ with a paper clip icon on the left. Any one of those would appear with a little ghostly Edit and Delete icon when doing a mouse over. If you click the trash can ‘Delete’, you remove that file.